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Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Custom Home Dining Areas

Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Custom Home Dining Areas

Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Custom Home Dining Areas

10/5/2015 Building a new custom home is all about building the home you’ve always dreamed of that includes all the custom features that make the home uniquely yours.

Lighting, white it can be tricky, is typically one of the areas that Pioneer West Homes families have the most fun with. The perfect lighting for your custom home needs to be stylish and functional. From modern to traditional, dining area lighting needs to make a decorative statement and also provide enough light (without glare) for the space.

Whether we’re helping you design a dining space for just the two of you, or for a formal gathering of 20, we’ve found that offers the best tips for illuminating this subject!

Mini-Pendant & Multi-Light Pendant Lighting: On its own, one mini-pendant is probably not sufficient to properly illuminate a dining table. But when 3 or more are grouped together, you effectively have a contemporary take on a traditional chandelier.

Drum Pendant Lighting: With their clean-cut profile, drum pendants are particularly popular choices for modern dining rooms. However, while the overall shape seems simple enough, there are enough sizes, materials and other details out there to make a drum pendant distinctive from the others. Materials range from pleated fabric to frosted glass to laser-cut metal and are often finished with a bottom diffuser to minimize glare.

Medium & Large Pendant Lighting: Medium or large pendants offer even greater sculptural possibilities over a dining table. You can keep things relatively simple with large bell-shaped metal pendants, add a natural element with metal branches, or create a whimsical look with a fluffy “poof” of curled wood veneer. Again, proportion is important. You want to choose a pendant that will compliment the size and shape of your dining table, not overwhelm it. Lumens suggests a good rule – choose a pendant that is 6” narrower on each side than the smallest width of the dining table.

Tips from the Lumens Pros:

Ideally, locate your pendant lighting between 28 and 36 inches above the surface of the table. It should be higher than eye level, but low enough to provide ample light on the surface.

If your room is filled with calm colors and complementary decor, experiment with an unconventional pendant shape, material or color.

A dimmer is a must for changing the mood of the room between parties, gatherings and quiet dinners.

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